Monday, August 3, 2015

Bringing Better Accessible Transportation to Washingtonians

Photo credit: Steve Morgan
Thanks to the work of MS activists, people across Washington can now look forward to accessible transportation improvements in their communities. Over the last several years, we have asked our legislators to increase funds for “special needs transportation” – to help ensure that Washington’s transportation system works for people who aren’t able to drive because of a disability like MS. These funds support projects that help local communities offer efficient, coordinated transportation services, such as paratransit or non-profit transportation programs.

Thanks to MS activists like you, this year legislators allocated $200 million dollars for special needs transportation! This funding is part of a long-awaited 16-year transportation package, which includes support for many other projects and infrastructure as well.

While many people have cars to get around, people living with MS often do not have the option to drive as the disease progresses. Yet people with MS and other disabilities need and deserve the opportunity to access jobs, shopping, church, and community activities, and to live as full a life as possible. The special needs transportation fund breaks down barriers to transportation for people who are unable to drive because of a disability or age.

Congratulations to our activists across the state – your voices were heard and legislators made transportation for people affected by MS and other disabilities a priority in our state. We hope to provide updates in the future about how these funds are helping communities across the state.

Take action now! Please join us in saying “thank you” to our legislators for supporting accessible transportation in our state. [Update: please note this action alert is no longer active.]

As a reminder, if you’re not yet on our Activist Network, sign up today to receive important updates and alerts about how you can take action. Your voice matters – thanks for being involved!

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