Friday, November 15, 2013

Legislators listen as MS Activists speak up

Earlier this week, we heard some exciting news coming from the Senate Transportation Committee of Washington's Legislature - at our request, they are proposing an increase in funding for the special needs transportation fund. This is the fund we've been talking about for some time and it's exciting to learn that the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus is proposing to fund the special needs program by an additional $33 million over ten years. While it's not the full level that we had hoped for, it's still an impressive figure.

Next week, legislators will be in Olympia for committee days, an annual "pre-season" of sorts to the legislative session. It's possible they will reach an agreement on a new transportation package before then, but it's no guarantee. Governor Inslee was hoping legislators would reach agreement on a package during the special session he called to entice Boeing to build their next airplane in Washington, but the special session finished up without a transportation plan.

If legislators do have an agreement on a transportation plan, MS Activists will be needed to testify in Olympia, perhaps as soon as next week. Stay tuned to the blog for more details as we learn more.

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