Thursday, September 12, 2013

#KeepUsMoving was @BikeMSWashington. Where is it going next?

This past weekend, we hosted over 2,000 cyclists in Skagit County for our annual Bike MS. MS Activists were out in force at the ride, helping out in a number of ways. Some, like Lisa and Martin Boon, help feed the cyclists. Others, like Emily Cole and Dr. Lily Jung Henson did the ride. Still others like Dorthann Cloud and Linnea Nasman helped us recruit 30 new members for our online Action Alert Network. A big thank you to all those who participated!
MS Activist Dr. Lily Jung Henson (on back), with her husband John Henson

More and more, I'm reminded that one of the biggest keys to our success as an advocacy organization is our ability to raise awareness about MS and the issues that most impact people with MS. So having an event with 2,000 cyclists is a great way to get the word out there. But it's not nearly enough and we need your help.

Can you help us spread the word about the #KeepUsMoving campaign? While you may not realize it, transportation is an issue that affects absolutely every single one of us. If you drive on a road, take a ferry, walk on a sidewalk, or take a bus - government decisions regarding transportation affect you every day.

And it impacts people with MS in an especially unique way. For example, I just was talking to a co-worker of mine, Molly, whose dad lived with MS. Molly told me how MS impacted her life. As her dad's MS progressed, it became apparent that her family needed a modified van that could fit her dad's wheelchair. The van cost $75,000!!!! Instead of paying for Molly's college education, her family spent their savings to pay for Steve's van. It shouldn't have to be that way.

MS is sure expensive, and our transportation system doesn't make it easy for someone with MS to get around. Can you help us do two things today?

1) Find more stories like Molly's. Stories don't just inspire us to think differently, they inspire politicians to act! Share your story with us at or let me know your story ( and we'll share it with others.

2) Spread the word. Yesterday, we sent out an Action Alert email to everyone on our list, asking for their help with this effort. Can you forward it to your friends with MS who may have a good story to tell? Or if you didn't get the email, send me a note at and I'll pass it along to you.


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