Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Health care reform - what does it mean for you?

Come 2014, our health care landscape is going to look very different for people with MS. You can no longer be denied insurance coverage for your pre-existing condition, many of you will have limits on your out-of-pocket costs, and you could even get low-cost or even free health plans. Why? The Affordable Care Act will come into full effect.

Sounds great on the surface, but what does it really mean for YOU? We are starting to see some opportunities to learn more about these changes and we'll see many more in the months ahead. The National MS Society will be hosting a teleconference in early October aimed at the parts of the health care law most important to people with MS. We also have a great website geared towards getting you the information you need to know. is another great resource for you. In many states, that's the new place you'll go to purchase affordable health insurance. In Washington, HealthPlanFinder will be your source to find, compare, and enroll in health insurance.

When you are purchasing health insurance, here are a few things for you to watch for:

  • Make sure your neurologist is in your plan's network
  • Check to make sure your MS drugs are covered
  • Understand your total costs, including deductibles and cost-sharing - not just premiums
Purchasing health insurance can be confusing. and HealthPlanFinder will make it easier, but we encourage you to contact us if you have questions or are concerned about getting the best plan for you. We can help. Call the National MS Society at 800-344-4867. 

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