Friday, May 10, 2013

The MS movement is stronger than ever.....A guest post from MS Activist, Simone Thompson

My life struggle with MS is painful and complicated. Knowing there are others suffering from MS is heart-breaking. MS does not discriminate. It is unrelenting.

Through pain, loss, confusion, fear and anger I finally realized the MS war is far larger than myself. I feel compelled to speak for those unable to speak for themselves. So many impacted by this life-altering disease rely on public officials to give voice and resources to aid in their battle.

I am ill, but I still have a voice!

Today, I fight for my brothers and sisters living with MS. I lend my voice to the battle for their success and cure - not just my own. Together we can win!

Directing my small voice to my local Washington State 9th Congressional District Representative, Adam Smith, I was delighted and enlightened to learn of his extensive involvement in the MS fight. Congressman Smith directly advised that he supportive of not only NIH Funding, but Representative Smith is also a member of the Congressional Multiple Sclerosis Caucus, which creates a political platform for discussing important issues for those facing MS. This caucus has two main goals: (1) Find solutions for people living with MS and (2) promote awareness and education about MS.

Congressman Smith is committed to finding solutions and cures for MS! His dedication and advocacy are truly appreciated.

I strongly suggest reaching out to your local and federal officials. Making your vote count is a priviledge and can lead to great results! Writing letters, attending caucuses and phone calls can go a very long way.

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