Thursday, March 7, 2013

How have you planned for an emergency? Want to influence the government's plan to respond to an emergency?

The Seattle Commission for People with disAbilities’ Public Safety Committee is working to make a difference in the way the City of Seattle plans for and responds to disasters, as well as how our own communities are prepared The Commission wants to give Seattle residents with disabilities a chance to get involved in the Committee’s work!  A link to the Seattle Disaster Readiness and Response Plan is below; it is updated every 2 years, and the City Council passed the latest version last November.  It has a significant focus on the community of people with disabilities, as well as other access and functional needs.  It also re-affirms a commitment to a Whole Community approach to planning:  Planning WITH the community, not FOR them.  Sound familiar?  The Commission will be reviewing the updated Plan and answering 3 questions:

1.      Do we have any concerns that need addressed?
2.      What gaps do we see in the Plan?
3.      How can we contribute to achieving the goals of the Plan?

The next Public Safety Committee meeting (March 27 6pm at Charlie’s on Broadway – ASL provided) will begin the discussion; Take a look at the document and join the meeting – or submit any comments to the Public Safety Committee chair via email.  There are specific sections that will be more relevant, so perhaps take a look at:

·         Section III Situation, through Public Awareness; pages 42 – 52
·         Section IV Preparedness; pages 45 - 52
·         Section VIII, Communications; pages 78 - 80
·         Section XIII, ESF-6: Mass Care, Housing  and Human Services; pages 184 – 220
·         Section XIII, ESF-8: Public Health and Medical Assistance; pages 224 - 272
·         Section XIII, ESF-9: Search and Rescue; pages 273 - 286
·         Section XIII, ESF-14: Long-term Recovery; pages 311 – 332

While it may not be at the top of our individual priorities, it is absolutely necessary for us each to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.  Our Committee works with the City, to help us even more effectively – and to help our communities prepare, individually and together.  Please join us!

Note - this announcement comes from Deborah Witmer, Commissioner, Seattle Commission for People with disAbilities and Chair, Public Safety Committee

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