Monday, January 14, 2013

Allies in the fight...

While perusing the newspaper this morning, I saw a great column from Jerry Large about the Children's Alliance. The Children's Alliance fights for all-things "kids" in Olympia, from nutrition to education to health care. They have an extensive and very experienced staff, and I always learn something from them whenever we talk. It's usually around health care since we collaborate together as part of the Healthy Washington Coalition, a group of consumers dedicated to improving the state's health care system. We share ideas, coordinate strategy, and work in tandem to make sure that the system works all consumers, not just people with chronic conditions or children. We are more likely to get a lasting solution if we can make sure it works for everyone else, not just the MS community, so relationships like these are very important to our work.

The column is a great introduction to the issues that legislators are facing this year. What are your thoughts on the most important issues facing people with MS and other chronic diseases this year?

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