Monday, September 24, 2012

Now want to learn about your own health insurance plan?

Now that you know all about our country's health insurance system, you can get up to speed on what's actually covered in your health insurance plan.

For more information, check out this notice from Washington's Insurance Commissioner:

New health reform requirement helps consumers compare plans: A part of the federal Affordable Care Act taking effect next week requires all health plans to provide current and potential enrollees with new tools to help them understand what’s covered in the health plan and how much services will cost. Starting Sept.23, when a health plan renews or if consumers are searching for a new plan, the insurance company must provide a standard form explaining what it covers, how much specific benefits cost, and a standard glossary of health coverage and medical terms. The new Summary of Benefits form ( will give:

·         Answers to important questions such as the overall deductible, if there’s an out-of-pocket limit, if clients need a referral to see a specialist and why these questions matter.

·         A list of common medical events and what clients will pay if they use a preferred provider or an out-of-network provider, and any limitations or exceptions.

·         Examples of what the plan covers and what it doesn’t cover.

·         A sample of typical coverage and costs for two conditions: Having a baby and managing type 2 diabetes.

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