Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Supreme Court got it right this time!

Thank you Supreme Court! The Affordable Care Act is safe.

I don't know about you, but this morning was very emotional for me. I was somewhat prepared for the terrible news that the mandate was overturned (and the law gutted), but the shock and excitement that (almost) the entire law was upheld completely overwhelmed me. As activists we have supported Congress and our President in their effort to enact this monumental bill and desperately hoped for this outcome.

Although the States may opt out of the Medicaid requirement, Governor Gregoire has committed to continuing the process to help insure 500,000 Washingtonians through the expanded Medicaid   program. Jay Inslee has been an outspoken supporter of this law. Even Attorney General McKenna (who joined the lawsuit that got us to this point) expressed support for most aspects of the law in an interview with Robert Mak (KING5) today - although his support of the Medicaid expansion is questionable " long as the State can afford it". Governor Gregoire said that for the first few years, the federal government pays 100% of the Medicaid expansion, then 95%, then 90% going forward. I think we can come up with 10% of the cost of insuring an additional 500,000 citizens in our state.

Congratulations to our entire community!

Enjoy what this day means...

Cheers - Holly Hawker

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