Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The financial strain of MS everywhere

Members of the MS community know that MS is an expensive disease. It keeps too many people from working and the disease modifying therapies are very costly. There's repeated trips to the doctor, vacations that must be cancelled due to exacerbations, and long term care that must be planned for.

Because of that, people with MS often need extra help. And often, that help comes from the government. I just read an article in the Yakima Valley Herald about a woman with MS who needed some help from the federal government to purchase a home. With some small help to come up with a down payment, the woman is able to find a home that costs her less than she would pay in rent. Ideally, we'd all prefer to pay less taxes, but when I read about a success story like this one, I'm glad to know that we can sometimes make a small up-front investment that makes good financial sense for everyone.

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