Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A great article on one of the bills we are pushing in Olympia

Yesterday we had a very successful Day of Activism in Olympia and met with over half of the state's legislators. In addition, two of our Activists, Dr. Eugene May and Lenita Fryxell, testified before the Senate's Health and Long Term Care Committee in favor of legislation that would put a cap on the out of pocket health care expenses. The bill received some great publicity on Q13 - check out this video and news article. The article features a boy with hemophilia - a condition that requires a lifetime of frequent doses of costly medication.

You can track the bill's progress here. In order to have a chance of passage, the bill will have to be voted out of the Senate's Health & Long Term Care Committee by the end of this week.

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  1. I just found out that KIRO 7 news also did a story on the bill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEwlitltLuI&context=C3d91f2bADOEgsToPDskInVCYtXf8-va_CAk9XWoZ2

    I guess this is an important issue to more than just the MS community!