Monday, January 19, 2015

Join MS Activists in Olympia next week!

State Action Day is just around the corner. This annual event brings together MS Activists from all over Washington to raise awareness of issues affecting the MS community among our state legislators. If you are new to advocacy, but still want to attend -- don't worry! We will provide ample information before and during the event to get you up to speed. 

Our elected officials want to hear what matters to their constituents. Together, we will bring them the stories of people living with MS and we help change laws. Still not convinced? Here's some of the reasons you should attend State Action Day:

  1. To build a relationship with your legislator. If you already have one, consider it a visit to a friend. Your legislator represents YOU and wants to hear about issues relevant to your life.
  2. To stand in solidarity as an MS community, to speak out on behalf of all the 12,000 people living with MS and the 72,000 people in our state affected by MS 
  3. To make a statement. As our state legislators make decisions, we want them to keep the needs of people of MS in mind. We will help them understand what issues matter to our community. 
  4. To make a difference. Together, four years ago, we passed a law that allows more MS specialists to practice in our state. Three years ago, we stopped people with MS from losing their health care. Two years ago, we made sure everyone with MS has access to affordable and comprehensive health care. Last year and this year, we are continuing our work to support accessible transportation options to help people with MS get where they need to go. Help us make change.
  5. To build awareness. Our presence at the Capitol (in our orange scarves) brings attention to our cause! It also educates you on current issues that you can share with others who care about the MS community.

I hope you can join me and other MS activists in Olympia on Tuesday, January 27th to share important issues affecting the MS community with our legislators. 

Registration is still open! 

Sign up at 
or by calling 1-800-344-4867, option 1.